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Bariatric Scales

Bariatric Scales

All Marsden professional bariatric scales are Class III Approved.

Our range of Marsden bariatric scales vary in design and style and are all expertly built and calibrated to be Class III compliant in the same way as all of our range of professional medical scales are. The bariatric scale is designed to accommodate the larger individual who may struggle to use a standard sized medical scale and therefore and constructed in a larger size and greater maximum weight capacity that a standard weighing scale would normally be. Our bariatric scales are widely used within the professional healthcare sector such as the NHS and vary in design depending on the customer's needs. Our bariatric range has been grouped together for your convenience with additional product information and options viewable on the individual product pages.

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  • Marsden Bariatric & Wheelchair Scales

    Marsden Bariatric & Wheelchair Scales M-640.The Marsden M-640 bariatric scale is designed to weigh the largest of patients.It has a large weighing platform with sturdy handrails to stabilise bariatric and geriatric patients.The built-in ramps and weighing platform accommodate almost every wheelchair and a gentle incline on the...

  • Marsden Bariatric Stand-On Scales

    The Marsden M-810 is designed for patients less steady on their feet.Sturdy handrails provide stability, and no matter how much pressure is put on the handrails, they’ll support the patient.The handrails also help to record the weight reading.Due to the scale being so low-profile all patients can easily step on and off the scale...

  • Marsden Bariatric Scales

    The Marsden M-800 is a superbly designed handrail scale, which provides a large weighing platform and low profile access.Designed with the user in mind this scale has been constructed to make it as easy and effortless to use the scale as possible.To sturdy handrails provide stability, and no matter how much pressure is put on the...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items