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Hoist Scales

Hoist Scales

All Marsden professional column scales are Class III Approved.

Marsden hoist scales are designed to be attached to most brands of patient handling hoists in conjunction with a sling. The purpose of this type of medical weighing scale is for the benefit of safely weighing a larger or bedridden person with little or no mobility and also provides a safer handling practice to the healthcare professionals responsible for weighing the person who would otherwise need to employ moving & handling techniques risking injury to themselves and/or the patient if done incorrectly. Marsden hoist scales are MDD and Class III Approved and used widely within care and nursing homes and are backed by an industry-leading 4-year warranty.

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  • Marsden Hoist Scale

    Marsden Hoist Scale - M-600W The Marsden M-600W is a lightweight, easy to use weighing scale, that allows patients to be weighed whilst in a hoist. This scale is designed for use on hoists with coat hanger shaped spreader bars.This scale has wireless connectivity for transmitting patient data to a PC or database.Ideal for use by...

  • Marsden Hoist Weighing Scale

    Marsden Hoist Weighing Scale - M-600. The Marsden M-600 is an MDD and Class III Approved hoist weighing attachment, ideal for use in care homes, hospitals and in the community. The M-600 is easy to use.The scale has graduations of 100g and a capacity of 200kg.Optional Bluetooth connectivity for connection to systems, databases, smartphones,...

  • Marsden Large Hoist Weighing Scales

    Marsden Large Hoist Weighing Scales - M-605The Marsden M-605 is a Class III and MDD Approved hoist weighing scales, designed for larger hoists that have coat hanger shaped spreader bars.At 730mm wide, the M-605 is 10cm longer than the M-600, and the ideal hoist scales for use in care homes and the community.The capacity is 200kg and graduations...

  • Marsden Hoist Weighing Scales

    Marsden Hoist Weighing Scales - MHS-2500The Marsden MHS-2500 hoist weighing attachment provides an effective, low-cost method of weighing immobile patients.Compatible with most Oxford hoists and a variety of patient lifting devices from other manufacturers.Fits nicely between the boom and the spreader bar without substantially affecting the...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items