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Chair Scales

Chair Scales

All Marsden professional chair scales are Class III Approved.

Our range of Class III professional chair scales are expertly made and are designed to be used within a wide range of healthcare settings and are suitable for use with children to large adults. Marsden chair scales are extensively used within UK hospitals and residential/care homes and are particularly useful when weighing an individual who has difficulty standing or requires assistance with general mobility. Chair scales are also a convenient accessory for care homes due to the ability to perform as a wheelchair as well as an essential piece of weighing equipment enabling care staff to quickly and safely move residents to where they need to be. All of our Chair scales are Class III approved and are supplied with a 4-year warranty for your peace of mind. Please see individual product descriptions for more details.

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  • Marsden Chair Scales

    The Marsden M-210 are Class III Approved, high-quality chair scales, which are perfect for weighing elderly and disabled patients. It has a 250kg capacity and a very high accuracy of 50g (100g over 150kg).A Marsden bestseller, this scale is perfect for hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

  • Marsden Low Cost Chair Scales

    The Marsden M-220 are Class III Approved, high-quality chair scales, which are perfect for weighing elderly and disabled patients. With four wheels - two fitted with brakes - the M-220 is highly portable.These scales are lightweight and powered by 9V PP3 battery that can be used on the move.A mains adaptor is also provided.

  • Marsden High Capacity Chair Scales

    The Marsden M-200 are high capacity chair scales with an extra-wide super-sized seat, useful for weighing bariatric patients.  However, its high accuracy makes it ideal for weighing patients of all sizes.These scales have hinged armrests and footrests for patient comfort and easy patient transfer.Please Note: Footrests shown in the...

  • Marsden M-230 Chair Scale

    The Marsden M-230 is highly accurate, Class III approved entry-level chair scales. The Marsden M-230 is an entry-level chair scale which can be used to measure patient weight to the nearest 100g,  BMI and BSA (Body Surface Area). This chair scale is robust, with battery power providing up to 9000 weigh-ins, and has a slightly wider (by 60mm) seat...

  • Marsden M-225 Chair Scales

    The Marsden M-225 is an entry-level, Class III Approved chair scales. Featuring the new I-300 indicator it is perfect for use in hospitals and care homes.The scale has a 250kg capacity and accuracy to 100g.The M-225 features an automatic BSA (Body Surface Area) calculation function.Getting patients into the seat is easy,...

  • Marsden Chair Scale with Stand Assist

    Marsden M250 Chair Scale with Stand Assist The M-250 is Class III Approved medical chair scale with a lifting seat. This means less effort is required when getting a patient into, and out of, the chair. In most cases, this feature could reduce the number of carers or nurses required to get the patient out of the chair from two to one.Chair scales are...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items